Hop Farmers

We could not make our award-winning beer without the incredible hop farms and hop farmers that we are lucky enough to partner with every year. The quality of the beer that eventually flows from our taps and into your glass, is due in part to hardworking and forward-thinking hop farmers. We want to constantly tell the stories of these family-owned hop farms, where the journey of our beer begins, allowing us to brew world-class beer.

The following videos showcase a few of these amazing hop farms and hop farmers that we are lucky enough to call partners.

Pinthouse Visits Perrault Farms

Pinthouse Visits Cornerstone Ranches

Pinthouse Visits Roy Farms

Pinthouse 2019 Hop Selection at YCH


Thanks to all of our friends and partners in the brewing supply industry. We love your cones!

Black Star Ranch Established in 1935, this fifth generation hop farm relies on its core values of honesty, integrity, quality and commitment to set it apart in this rapidly growing industry. We proudly use Citra and Simcoe hops from Black Star.  blackstarranch.farm

Brewer’s Supply Group (BSG) The state-of-the-art BSG Hops facility in the Yakima Valley means that BSG has complete control of the entire supply chain from bale receipt and storage to shipping of finished goods in one location. BSG, not to be confused with nerd shorthand for Battlestar Gallactica, the reboot of which confused the hell out of us.  bsgcraft.com/hops

B.T. Loftus Ranches Established in 1932, B.T. Loftus Ranches Inc. is one of the Yakima Valley’s longest running hop farms. In 1920, the Loftus family moved to Moxee in pursuit of work on the railroad. Loftus Ranches is one of the largest growers for the craft beer industry, valuing quality, sustainability and innovation. We proudly use Loral hops from Loftus.  loftusranches.com

Cornerstone Ranches A fifth-generation commercial hop farm, which raises a combination of both aroma and alpha variety hops. We proudly use Cashmere hops from Cornerstone.  cornerstoneranches.com

Crosby Hop Farm A fifth-generation hop grower, merchant, and processor, with offerings that include sustainable Willamette Valley Crosby® grown options as well as quality grower-sourced hops from around the world. We proudly use use Comet, Strata, and Cashmere hops from the Crosby Hop Farm.  crosbyhops.com

Hopsteiner “Serving brewers for over six generations!” That is a lot of beards! We proudly use Calypso and Sultana hops from Hopsteiner.  www.hopsteiner.com

Perrault Farms The Perrault family began farming in the Yakima Valley in 1902 on a Moxee area homestead established by Alberic Perrault, who planted his first hops in 1928. A true family business that proudly represent over 100 years, and four generations, of hop farming. Perrault Farms grows a diverse array of crops, but specializes in hops, growing ten varieties on several hundred acres of land. We proudly use Mosaic hops from Perrault.  perraultfarms.com

Roy Farms Growing several different hop varieties, ranging from high-demand proprietary varieties, hot new experimentals, and an array of organic varieties. Roy Farms has been growing hops for over a hundred years. Experienced, embraces the green, and a master of its craft, Roy Farms is essentially the Yoda of hops. We proudly use Amarillo, 1940, and Chinook hops from Roy Farms.  www.royfarms.com/hops

Tributary Hop Farms An offshoot of Loftus Ranches, Tributary Hop Farms is located in Granger, Washington, and operated by Patrick Smith. A new hop farm with a great pedigree. We proudly use Ekuanot hops from Tributary. loftusranches.com

Yakima Chief Ranches A 100% grower-owned global hop supplier focused on providing premium quality hops and uncompromising service. YCH Hops is awesome!  ychhops.com

Country Malt Group CMG is an integral part of Great Western Malting, the oldest malting company in the western United States. CMG provides high quality malt ingredients.  countrymaltgroup.com

Loeffler Chemicals We are clean freaks; Loeffler is enabling our OCD. Thanks guys!  www.loefflerchemical.com