Loyalty Program

To reward you, our loyal guests, we created the Pinthouse Loyalty Program. For the loyalty program, we are using the Thanx application to track and reward our guests’ purchase activity. Thanx provides an easy way to automatically earn rewards without plastic loyalty program cards to carry and without required check-ins. Guests simply need to download the app, create an account, and link their preferred credit or debit card(s), and they are ready to start earning points and rewards. They can link as many cards as they would like to their account.

Sign up and earn FREE REWARDS NOW!

You can accumulate points that translate into rewards, as $1 spent equals 1 point earned within our loyalty program. Members of our loyalty program have access to view their points via the app.


  • Sign-up Reward: Download the Thanx App, join the Pinthouse Loyalty Program and get 10% Off your first purchase
  • Recurring Loyalty Reward: $10 Off Next Purchase for every 175 Points earned
  • Birthday Reward: One Free PHP Pint of Beer or Dessert on your birthday


If you are one of our top guests, you will be notified via the Thanx app that you have achieved VIP status! VIP members receive the following benefits starting the day status is achieved. Members must spend $115 or more each month for two consecutive months to maintain their VIP status.

VIP Benefits

  • Extended Happy Hour: VIP members are rewarded with an extended Happy Hour, an extra hour from 6:00pm to 7:00pm! That means VIPs can enjoy our ‘$1 Off any Pinthouse Pint’ and '$1 Off Beer Mates' Happy Hour Special from 4:00pm to 7:00pm from Monday through Friday.


For our most loyal lifetime guests we continually want to go above and beyond to show our appreciation of your loyalty. Check out the Jolly Rogers page for a full description of what it entails and the amazing benefits that await those in this not so secret society!

Visit the Loyalty Program FAQs page for additional details.