Large Parties

Are you celebrating an upcoming birthday, a promotion, or throwing a baby shower? Just like to hang out in large groups? That’s awesome!

We are counter service without any private spaces, and as such we don’t offer reservations. Not to fear, though, we have large groups in all the time enjoying the casual environment of our pubs.

We encourage event hosts to arrive up to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled guest arrival time to find appropriate space. We’re happy to have you set up decorations and will gladly assist you in managing your group’s tab. We’ve seen some pretty creative ways of doing this, from playing cards to Mardi Gras beads to plastic coins. The world is your oyster here.

Like most places in Austin, we experience our peak hours between 6pm-9pm, so please take that into account when planning your event.

For specific questions or curiosities regarding if we can accommodate your group of any size, please call our local Pinthouse brewpub and talk a member of our management team!