Jolly Rogers

For our most loyal lifetime guests we want to provide you special few with fun, unique, and even life-changing benefits. The Jolly Rogers uses the same exchange rate of $1 equates to one point earned. However, this program benefits you, our most loyal fans, by tracking your lifetime points earned (total spend), from the date you joined.

Jolly Rogers members, while enjoying award-winning craft beer and pizza, you will be rewarded for your superior efforts and wisdom with the following riches.


Half Barrel – 750 Points Earned

  • Exclusive Jolly Rogers T-Shirt

Single Barrel – 1,500 Points Earned

  • Single Barrel Pin & Custom Jolly Rogers Collared Shirt

Double Barrel – 3,000 Points Earned

  • Double Barrel Pin & Jolly Rogers Hat

Triple Barrel – 4,500 Points Earned

  • Triple Barrel Pin & Jolly Rogers Mug

Four Barrels – 6,000 Points Earned

  • Four Barrel Pin & Jolly Rogers Socks

Five Barrels – 7,500 Points Earned

  • Five Barrel Pin & Jolly Rogers Soft-sided Cooler

Six Barrels – 9,000 Points Earned

  • Six Barrel Pin & Jolly Rogers Hoodie

Seven Barrels – 10,500 Points Earned

  • Seven Barrel Pin & Jolly Rogers YETI Rambler 20 oz. Tumbler

Eight Barrels – 12,000 Points Earned

  • Eight Barrel Pin & Jolly Rogers Stainless Steel Growler

Nine Barrels – 13,500 Points Earned

  • Nine Barrel Pin & Custom Jolly Rogers Red Kap Jacket

Ten Barrels – 15,000 Points Earned

  • Get your name etched into our precious bronze Das Boot, and have the ability to order a beer from a Jolly Rogers Glass Boot.
  • Invitation to a Jolly Rogers Exclusive Event
  • Ten Barrel Pin

Your lifetime numbers are tracked via the Thanx app, and if you achieve a new tier level, the app will notify you of achieving a new tier and the reward(s) you earn.

Do you have what it takes to be a part of the Jolly Rogers? If you like the idea of being a part of greatness and enjoying the mind-bending benefits that accompany this awesome responsibility, congratulations, you are ready to be a Jolly Roger!

JOIN the Pinthouse Pizza Loyalty Program NOW and enjoy!