Pinthouse P.I.N.T. Project

The Pinthouse P.I.N.T. Project aims to bring attention and resources to food insecurity in Central Texas by partnering with local organizations, hosting in-pub fundraising opportunities, and prioritizing volunteerism within our Team.

Since opening our doors in 2012, Pinthouse has been dedicated to being a community steward of the greater Austin area. Pinthouse is committed to supporting community charitable programs and engaging our Team Members and Guests in our philanthropic efforts. Beginning in 2024, Pinthouse launched the PINT Project, a seasonal partnership model, which allows us many opportunities to engage with various organizations in our communities. 

Each quarter Pinthouse will partner with a different organization within the food insecurity sector. Through the in-pub sales of various food, beer, and merchandise items, guests will help raise funds for these organizations. In addition to providing monetary funds, Pinthouse Team Members will also have the opportunity to volunteer with these community partners. 

In the pubs, we will raise funds for our partner organizations in five specific ways, through the sale of:

1. Off The Map Pies at the pizza pubs
2. Seasonal Pizzas at Pinthouse Brewing
3. PINT Project beers
4. PINT Project merchandise items
5. Donations made by guests (by adding them to their tabs)

Quarterly Beneficiary Cycle

PINT Project is a seasonal partnership model, which will allow us multiple opportunities to engage with various organizations within our communities. Each quarter, we will partner with a different organization, with differing ways of helping to support folks who could use more accessible, and/or healthier food.

Click on the following button to view the local beneficiaries.